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Navratri 2015 Gujarati SMS Messages Greetings Quotes Wallpaper

Happy Navratri sms 2015 Durga puja 2015 Maha Navratri 2015 Date Best Videos Live Online (Sms , Fb status , WhatsApp Status , Quotes , HD Images , Message , Greetings ) :-

 Navratri 2015 Gujarati SMS Messages Greetings Quotes Wallpaper

Mahalaya 2015 is on September  , 2015 5 AM onwards IST, September 2015 7.30 PM Eastern Time (USA) . Durga Puja (Nav Ratri ) is celebrated all over the world in countries like India, United States of America, Bangladesh, etc.

Durga Puja Mahalaya or Mohaloya is the first day of the ten day period over which the (Navratri ) Durga Puja festival is celebrated in India . Mahalaya Amavasya or Pitru Paksha , The new moon day known as the Mahalaya Amavasya is the beginning of Dussehra . The tenth day is called Vijayadashami or Bijoyadoshomi .

The holy festival of Navratri is approaching and people are very much excited about it. People are eager and ready to welcome the Goddess Durga to their home and get immersed in spirituality. The festival is celebrated to commemorate the victory of positivity and goodness over evils. People wish each other with greetings of Navratri. In this modern age messages of Navratri and Durga Puja are very common. People wish each other through electronic medium.

Happy Mahalaya 2015 Bangla SMS Quotes Greetings Message Wallpaper

Nil akasher megher vela,
Padmya fuler papri mela,
Dhaker taale kasher khela,
Anonde katuk sharodbela.
Happy Mahalaya Day…..

Shiuli fuler gondho, tulor mato megh ar kaash-er bon,
dhaker bajna janan diche Maa-er agomon.
Subho Mohalaya. …. Happy Mahalaya 2015 .

“SHARAT” meghe vaslo Vyala-
“KASH” phule te laglo dola-
“DHAKER” upar poruk kathi-
“PUJO” Katuk fatafati.

Sms :- Dhaker awaz dhai kur kur
Sona jay oi agomoni sur
Mayer ebar asar pala
Suru hobe pujor bela
Tai niye ai sukhi mon
Janay agam avinandan… Suvo Mahalaya.


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